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Creditors would say that this is the reason why they are there. Sometimes, though, these bad credit items appear on your credit report credit file without your knowledge or through no fault of your own. In such circumstances you have had no opportunity to defend yourself and you may even be totally innocent. If, for whatever reason, you believe that you are not liable for the debt lodged against you then you will, quite naturally, want to try and remove those derogatory bad credit items from your credit report credit file. You may have tried to repair your credit file. You may have had some success, particularly with the removal of your County Court Judgments CCJs, but you know that unless you offer a repayment schedule to the creditors that you supposedly owe money to, then they aren’t going to remove those defaults from your credit history / credit report credit file, which is something only they can do. And remember, defaults stay on your credit history / credit report credit file for 6 years just like CCJs. Well, if you refuse to pay your creditors anything and you have had trouble setting aside removing your CCJs permanently, you could do one of two things: i Wait the full 6 six years for your defaults and CCJs to disappear from the records of the credit reference agencies, during which time you will probably be refused any further credit. ii Create a new UK credit report file and rebuild a new credit history from scratch. If you are a seasoned credit information gatherer you may have come across reports on the Internet that tell you how to obtain a new clean credit report file. These reports are aimed solely at the American market, even though they are sold as being applicable to the UK market also.

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Let us use our experience for your benefit. The Problem With Automated Services Many credit repair companies are nothing more than automated services. There are several reasons for this. The most glaring shortfall of a software based dispute program occurs at the outset of the process. These credit repair comapnies do little more than load up a list of derogatory items from your credit report and then instruct you to pick and choose the items you wish to dispute. There is literally no personal service involved, and the quick selection of obvious derogatory information leaves the majority of possible benefit unexplored. Real Credit Score Optimization A truly effective credit repair service will do considerably more than dispute obvious derogatory items on your report. If you really want to optimize your credit scores and end up with usable credit you must consider everything including the number of open accounts, account types, balances, and an array of possible compliance problems on your report that a cursory review will not reveal. It is essential to select a Massachusetts credit repair company that will provide truly professional service and deliver the results you deserve. Please call TOLL FREE: 1 888 NCFIXER 623 4937 today for a free consultation. Phoenix Credit Repair is a credit repair company registered in Phoenix.

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Best decision that I have ever made. When I was done my credit score went from 525 to 678. The next day I walked into a dealership and financed a car for over $20,000 for my wife. What a great feeling. No money down. Listen to these people. They know what they are doing and they do it well. Do not expect overnight results, that is not how it works. Also, think about how fast the last year went by. Guess what, the next year will fly by as well and before you know it your credit will look amazingly better. I never had any communication problems with Lexington law at all.