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If you have a significant other, spouse, other family member or close friend with excellent credit and at least one long term credit card, you may be able to increase your credit score by becoming an authorized user on their card account. You actually get to “piggyback” on the credit of this primary account holder. In this way the good credit history for the primary card holder’s account is added to the credit history of the authorized user. Once this information is added to the AU’s credit report, it has the desired effect of building credit or increasing the AU’s credit score. To understand how this works, let’s explain a bit about credit scores. Originally, FICO used authorized user accounts when calculating your credit score. The account histories of these credit cards were reported on the credit reports of both the primary card holder and the AU, and FICO made no distinction between whether you were the authorized user or the primary owner on the reports. But with the increased popularity of “credit card piggybacking” and the outraged outcry from the lending community, FICO decided to make some drastic changes. With the introduction of FICO 08, the company announced they were going to stop including authorized user accounts altogether. Though not the only game in town FICO has such a dominance in the market, at this point, it may as well be. Its only competitor at this time is VantageScore.

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His more then mine, and we are both going to send round 2 letters in a couple of days. His score went up 95 points with the 1st round of letters. We are so happy!And to make things even better, every time I had a question I would just email Brandon and he would respond literally within 15min or less. He is very reliable to answer any questions. thank you Brandon!Honestly this is helping us so much. Sky Blue Credit Repair provides a very high quality credit repair service. They are free of any hidden fees and have no large out of pocket expenses. The customer service associates are knowledgeable and friendly, and our research has shown a large base of people that praise their attentiveness, effectiveness, and service level. They've even earned the prestigious Fair Credit ReportingAct Certificationfrom the Consumer Data Industry Association. Their satisfaction guarantee is among the best we've found and are member in good standing with the BBB Better Business Bureau. For all these reasons, Sky Blue Credit Repair earns our highest rating.

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Refunds are provided only after our technical support team has assisted in your installation and the Software fails to function fully according to the technical team diagnosis. We will determine if a refund is necessary based on individual situations. Refunds are not available after 30 days from purchase date. Poor credit can diminish an individual’s opportunities in various categories of life, including home and car purchases, loan requests, and even new employment. Credit Repair companies are designed to improve credit scores in a timely manner by removing negative and questionable information from credit reports. This removal process is typically known for allowing those with bad credit to have a second chance. Although credit repair can be done without the assistance of a credit repair company, the results may vary. If a credit repair service is chosen, it is important to be cautious of companies that promise unrealistic credit repair results. The best credit repair companies have organized methods and strategies that are clearly explained to potential customers. Disclosure: Credit repair companies are often negatively viewed due to a lack of disclosed information. Those looking into credit repair companies should be prepared to request additional information regarding services, contracts, pricing, and refund policies.